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Brian Fisher and Anna Fisher coauthor book chapter with Sean Hinton in ‘Emerging Markets and Sovereign Risk’

Brian Fisher, Sean Hinton and Anna Fisher have contributed to a book titled ‘Emerging Markets and Sovereign Risk’, edited by Nigel Finch. The chapter, ‘Big Projects in Small Economies: The Determinants of Sovereign Risk and its Control’, describes issues that can arise when multi-billion dollar natural resource projects are established in developing countries. In these […]

Brian Fisher presents at the WTO Public Forum 2014

Brian Fisher presents the primary results of BAE’s investigation of the role of ‘environmental’ goods in trade at the WTO Public Forum 2014: Why trade matters to everyone. The presentations can be found at the following links:

Brian Fisher appointed to RET review panel

The Government has announced that a four person expert panel will review the Renewable Energy Target scheme. Along with Dr Brian Fisher, the panel will be comprised of the chair Mr Dick Warburton, Ms Shirley In’t Veld and Mr Matt Zema. The panel will report to the Prime Minister, the Treasurer and the Ministers for […]

Brian Fisher speaks at Minerals Week Seminar

One of the highlights of the Mineral Council of Australia’s Minerals Week 2013 was a seminar featuring addresses from Parliamentary, government and industry leaders. Dr Fisher discussed two major themes in his address to Minerals Week 2013. In the first part of his speech he raised the importance of maintaining a good policy process. A […]

Brian Fisher presents at the Australian Farm Institute Conference: Australian Agriculture Innovation System at the Crossroads

Brian Fisher presents on the government’s role in Australia’s agricultural R&D system in the future. This presentation is available at

Brian Fisher presents at the Africa Update 2013: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Organisation of African Unity/Africa Union

Brian Fisher was asked to present on aid, trade and mining investment in Africa at the Africa Update 2013 in Canberra. The presentation is available at:

Brian Fisher presents economic assessment of the impact of Mongolia’s foreign investment environment and the proposed new mineral law

Brian Fisher presents the results from BAE’s economic assessment of the impact of the proposed new mineral law on the Mongolian economy to the Business Council of Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar. The conclusions drawn are that, if the law were to be introduced in its current draft form, Mongolia would suffer a reduction in average GDP […]

Adopt a Mongolian Camel

BAEconomics has commenced a small program to assist camel herders in the South Gobi desert, Mongolia, as they face adjustment pressures due to the resource boom.

Opportunity at risk – Regaining our competitive edge in mineral resources

BAE was commissioned by the Minerals Council Australia to conduct macro-economic modelling aimed at understanding the scale of the competitiveness challenge facing Australia’s mineral industry and the opportunity at risk as a result. Pp.77-81.

Report on implications of the Renewable Energy Target for the Australian economy

BAE releases report on Implications of the RET for the Australian economy