Economic assessment of the potential impact of unconventional gas production in the United States and China

Brian Fisher presents the results from BAE’s economic assessment of the impact of unconventional gas production on the United States and Chinese economies to the Global Energy Technology Strategy Program Workshop

Authors: Brian Fisher, Raymond Mi, Anna Fisher & Marie Gillardeau

Economic assessment of the impact of Mongolia’s foreign investment environment and the proposed new mineral law

Brian Fisher presents the results from BAE’s economic assessment of the impact of the proposed new mineral law on the Mongolian economy to the Business Council of Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar.

Authors: Brian Fisher

Independent Review of Grape and Wine Research Development Agreement with the Australian Wine Research Institute

Authors: Brian Fisher, Adams, K., Cheynier, V., Couche, S., Kennett, A. and Mckinna, D.

Opportunity at risk – Regaining our competitive edge in mineral resources

BAE was commissioned by the Minerals Council Australia to conduct macro-economic modelling aimed at understanding the scale of the competitiveness challenge facing Australia’s mineral industry and the opportunity at risk as a result. Pp.77-81.

Authors: Brian Fisher and Raymond Mi

Implications of the RET for the Australian economy

Authors: Brian Fisher, Sabine Schnittger and Raymond Mi


Development and deployment of clean electricity technologies in Asia: A multi-scenario analysis using GTEM

Authors: Raymond Mi, Nina Hitchins and Edwina Heyhoe

Autonomous and remote operation technologies in the mining industry

Authors: Brian S. Fisher and Sabine Schnittger

The development of the Oyu Tolgoi copper mine: an assessment of the macroeconomic consequences for Mongolia 2011

Authors: Brian S. Fisher, Tuvshintugs Batdelger, Andrew Gurney, Ragchaasuren Galindev, Michael Begg, Bat Buyantsogt, Esmedekh Lkhanaajav and Burmaa Chadraaval

Climate change and agriculture

Report Prepared for CCICED Taskforce on Rural Development and its Energy, Environment, and Climate Change Adaptation Policy

Authors: Brian Fisher, Anna Matysek, Paul Newton and Tony Wiskich


Prospects for nuclear power in Australia and New Zealand 2008

International Journal of Global Energy Issues, 30(1/2/3/4), pp.309-23

Authors: Anna Matysek and Brian Fisher

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