Independent Review of Grape and Wine Research Development Agreement with the Australian Wine Research Institute

Authors: Brian Fisher, Adams, K., Cheynier, V., Couche, S., Kennett, A. and Mckinna, D.

Opportunity at risk – Regaining our competitive edge in mineral resources

BAE was commissioned by the Minerals Council Australia to conduct macro-economic modelling aimed at understanding the scale of the competitiveness challenge facing Australia’s mineral industry and the opportunity at risk as a result. Pp.77-81.

Authors: Brian Fisher and Raymond Mi

Implications of the RET for the Australian economy

Authors: Brian Fisher, Sabine Schnittger and Raymond Mi


Development and deployment of clean electricity technologies in Asia: A multi-scenario analysis using GTEM

Authors: Raymond Mi, Nina Hitchins and Edwina Heyhoe

Autonomous and remote operation technologies in the mining industry

Authors: Brian S. Fisher and Sabine Schnittger

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