Carbon sequestration potential of plantation forestry expansion in Australia

BAEconomics prepared this report for the Australian forest industries, to examine the carbon sequestration associated with potential planation forest expansion in Australia.

Authors: Anna L. Matysek & Brian S. Fisher

Implications of high wind penetration for the NEM

The future security of the national electricity market requires that all generators, especially intermittent generators to directly bear the costs that they impose on the power system. BAEconomics has provided an approach that would ensure that this condition is met.

Authors: Sabine Schnittger and Brian S. Fisher

Primer on renewable energy subsidies in Australia

Paper prepared for the Minerals Council of Australia to provide and overview of the range of subsidies for renewable electricity that were applied in Australia in 2015-16.

Authors: Sabine Schnittger and Brian S. Fisher

Australia – Indonesia Policy Dialogue: Major Developments in Global and Regional Beef Markets

BAEconomics and University of Queensland research staff jointly present research to the Indonesia Australia Policy Dialogue.

Authors: Scott Waldron and Brian S. Fisher

Implications of Australian Renewable Energy Mandates for the Electricity Sector

BAE finds that as the production of intermittent generation increases, the costs of integrating intermittent supply increase rapidly.

Authors: Brian S. Fisher & Sabine Schnittger

BAEGEM documentation

BAEconomics has built and uses a set of computable general equilibrium models for its work with clients and its independent research. This documentation sets out the general structure of these models.

Authors: Brian Fisher & Raymond Mi

Productivity and Innovation in the Mining Industry

Authors: Anna L. Matysek & Brian S. Fisher

Further Information:

Robotics, automation and the digital revolution leading the transformation of the mining sector.

ISBN: 978-0-9945697-0-7

The Economic Potential for Plantation Expansion In Australia

BAE finds that plantation development has currently stalled in Australia and in the absence of new investment mechanism for plantations, based on current trends Australia will be increasingly reliant on imports of timber projects to meet the growing demand for domestic consumption.

Authors: Anna L. Matysek, Brian. S Fisher

The impacts of potential iron ore supply restrictions on producer country welfare – Working paper

BAEconomics finds that government regulation of iron ore exports would reduce Australia’s export earnings and state government iron ore royalties.

Authors: Brian Fisher, Stephen Beare, Anna Matysek & Anna Fisher

The benefits of eliminating trade barriers on environmental goods: preliminary results (full)

BAE commences investigation of the role of ‘environmental’ goods in trade.

Authors: Brian Fisher, Raymond Mi & Marie Gillardeau

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