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BAE prepares paper regarding renewable electricity subsidies for the Minerals Council of Australia

BAEconomics prepares a paper for the Minerals Council of Australia to provide and overview of the range of subsidies for renewable electricity that were applied in Australia in 2015-16. The full article can be found at the following link:  

Presentation of research to the Indonesia Australia Policy Dialogue

BAEconomics and University of Queensland research staff jointly present research to the Indonesia Australia Policy Dialogue. The paper developed for this dialogue can be found at the following link:

BAE assesses power systems and renewable energy

BAEconomics has produced a new study regarding international energy generation and the shift from traditional to renewable sources. The authors find that as the production of intermittent generation increases, the costs of integrating intermittent supply increase rapidly. Translated to Australia, this experience suggests that integration costs range from $37 to $54 a megawatt hour as […]

BAE produces report on productivity and innovation in the mining industry

BAE finds that robotics, automation and the digital revolution are leading the transformation of the mining sector. The report can be found at the following link:

Report to the Australian Forest Products Association

BAE finds that plantation development has currently stalled in Australia and in the absence of new investment mechanism for plantations, based on current trends Australia will be increasingly reliant on imports of timber projects to meet the growing demand for domestic consumption. The report can be found at the following link:

BAEconomics investigates the impacts of government regulation on iron ore

BAEconomics finds that government regulation of iron ore exports would reduce Australia’s export earnings and state government iron ore royalties. The working paper can be found at the following link: Additional information can be found in the following article from the Australian Financial Review:

Brian Fisher and Anna Fisher coauthor book chapter with Sean Hinton in ‘Emerging Markets and Sovereign Risk’

Brian Fisher, Sean Hinton and Anna Fisher have contributed to a book titled ‘Emerging Markets and Sovereign Risk’, edited by Nigel Finch. The chapter, ‘Big Projects in Small Economies: The Determinants of Sovereign Risk and its Control’, describes issues that can arise when multi-billion dollar natural resource projects are established in developing countries. In these […]

Brian Fisher presents at the WTO Public Forum 2014

Brian Fisher presents the primary results of BAE’s investigation of the role of ‘environmental’ goods in trade at the WTO Public Forum 2014: Why trade matters to everyone. The presentations can be found at the following links:

Brian Fisher appointed to RET review panel

The Government has announced that a four person expert panel will review the Renewable Energy Target scheme. Along with Dr Brian Fisher, the panel will be comprised of the chair Mr Dick Warburton, Ms Shirley In’t Veld and Mr Matt Zema. The panel will report to the Prime Minister, the Treasurer and the Ministers for […]

Brian Fisher speaks at Minerals Week Seminar

One of the highlights of the Mineral Council of Australia’s Minerals Week 2013 was a seminar featuring addresses from Parliamentary, government and industry leaders. Dr Fisher discussed two major themes in his address to Minerals Week 2013. In the first part of his speech he raised the importance of maintaining a good policy process. A […]